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In Switzerland, the main responsibility for education and culture lies with the cantons. They coordinate their work at the national level. The 26 cantonal ministers of education together form a political body to carry out this work: the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK). Legally binding, intercantonal agreements (known as concordats) form the foundation for the work of the EDK.
The EDK has a secondary function and fulfills tasks that cannot be performed by the regions or cantons. The EDK programme of activities describes the current projects of the Conference.

On the website you won’t only find a lot of useful information about studies in Switzerland, such as study programmes, types and list of Swiss universities, accommodation etc., but also about the country itself, such as culture, facts and figures, safety and stability etc.

The portal in English contains complete information about the Swiss system of vocational and professional education and training (VPET). It is based on the three mirror sites in German, French and Italian (, and It is still under construction and will be gradually expanded.
On the German, French and Italian sites, interested parties are provided with considerable information and other documents about the Swiss VPET system.