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We’re happy to advise you in person. Explain your individual situation, what you would like and what you expect. Together we’ll determine what Catholic Schools can do for you. We’ll clarify which schools are most appropriate for your child and put you in touch with competent contacts to help answer any additional questions you might have.

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Please note that we cannot comment on the appropriateness of grading or decisions on the school level foreseen for your child, as we are not a pedagogic or psychological service.

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In the News and Tips section you’ll find information and links to other topics concerning education.

In the Events section you’ll find our Open Days and Catholic Schools’ information evenings.

Perhaps you’ll find answers to some of your questions immediately. Feel free to explore our FAQs …

… with documentation

You’ll find a brief overview of all Catholic schools, including the type and orientation of the school and its specific educational offer. The contact persons mentioned are happy to answer your questions regarding admissions policy, costs, etc. You can also print the individual school portraits.

What has to be considered in the selection of a private school? How to find the right school for your child? We’ve collected the relevant points for you.

What are Catholic Schools of Switzerland? What makes them different? You’ll find information on the Association, its values, goals and services in the section About us