Do Catholic schools only accept pupils from Catholic families?

Our schools are open to pupils of all religions and nationalities.

Are Catholic schools among the most expensive schools?

School fees range from CHF 6,000 to CHF 50,000 per year. The differences depend on several factors: some schools receive government funding. Some boarding schools offer 24-hour support. In general, Catholic schools are among the less expensive private schools.

Can pupils remain at boarding schools at the weekend?

This depends on the organisation of the individual schools. Most of them spend their weekends at home.

Is it possible to attend a private school even if the admissions test is not passed, or the step to the next class at the former school was not successful?

In principle, the academic management team decides on the placement level. For our schools, the most important criteria consists in offering their students the possibility of developing themselves in the best possible way.

When can the transfer be made?

Ideally, the transfer takes place at the beginning of the school year. Depending on the capacity of the school, there may be a waiting list. However, sometimes an immediate transfer is possible. Details should be clarified in a personal discussion with the academic management team of the school.

What are the characteristics of a good private school?

A good private school attaches great importance to academic quality. The pupil’s well-being is at the centre of its activities. Such a school takes into account the individuality of each child and encourages his or her learning competencies.

What is the function of the business office of the Catholic Schools?

The business office answers your basic questions and helps you to select a number of schools that fit your needs. We’re your first point of contact and can provide you with a range of information material. After you’ve made your first selection, simply contact us and tell us which schools particularly interest you.


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