Tasks of the Association

About the Association

The Association was founded in 1949 as the “Conference of the Presidents of Catholic Educational Institutions in Switzerland”.
Catholic Schools of Switzerland are organised as an association according to the regulations of the Swiss Civil Code, Art. 60 ff. The members are Catholic institutions, (schools and homes), educational organisations and their associated organisations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The individual schools operate independently. The Association does not influence the management of the schools. The linking element between the schools is Catholic values which the full members of the charter commit themselves to share.

As a service association

Catholic Schools of Switzerland offers a common platform in the educational marketplace to present the educational value propositions of individual schools. It gives a comprehensive overview and information on the connecting element of the schools, i.e. Catholic values. News and hints regarding events and helpful tips round out the offer. In addition, the business office is available for initial discussions and provides contacts for parents seeking further information and advice.

As a lobby

Catholic Schools of Switzerland represents its members externally and stays in touch with partner organisations, competence centres, church and state authorities in Switzerland and internationally.

Catholic Schools of Switzerland is a founding member of the umbrella association, Private Education Switzerland, PBS. PBS represents the concerns of private educational establishments in front of political and economic institutions, government and the public. PBS is committed in improving the political, economic and legal contexts and thus improving the good reputation of Switzerland as an educational location.

As a professional association

The Catholic Schools supports its members with professional input and professional training opportunities. The Association supports the exchange of experience and information and cooperation with each other.