Poor results?

You’re concerned …

  • Is your child feeling overstretched?
  • Are there subject matter gaps due to, e.g., changing schools, illness, family situation, etc.?
  • Does your child need any help with homework?
  • Is motivation lacking?
  • Does the environment offer too many distractions?
  • Is your child being mobbed?

One of the strengths of the Catholic Schools is the personal, positive and familiar atmosphere. Together with the parents, the academic management team of the school evaluates the child’s situation and puts together the best possible support and encouragement programmes. The personal support and special learning environment encourage motivation and provide experience of success. A change of school can open new possibilities for your child.


Feel free to contact us with your questions

The business office is available to answer general questions.

For a personal discussion regarding a planned change of school, please contact the academic management team of the specific school.