The values of the Association

Schools with values – valuable learning for life.

The education offered by Catholic Schools are an important asset for our society. Christian values, reflexion and a sense of responsibility are core competencies in our educational work.

The combination of tradition and modernity, openness to the world and roots in the church community is the trademark of Catholic Schools.


What do Catholic Schools stand for?

The roots of Catholic educational institutions reach back to the monastery schools of the middle ages. Monastic orders were involved in education from the earliest times. Many of today’s Catholic schools originate from these monastery schools. Only a few are still run by monastic orders, but all maintain Catholic values and their own traditions.

Openness, consideration, appreciation and respect are being practiced inside and outside the classrooms.

With the transmission and maintenance of cultural and religious values we invite young people to discover and to live their own spirituality, and encourage understanding regarding the challenges of our multi-cultural society.

The support of youth chaplains and supplementary services such as meditation, retreats, Church Services on special occasions, and much more, are part of everyday life at Catholic Schools.

The main assets for parents and their children are contained in the Charta of the Catholic Schools of Switzerland. All member schools (full members) have committed themselves to respect the Charta.