The international network Catholic International Education Office (OIEC)
and the European sub-organisation Comité Européen pour l’Enseignement Catholique – European Committee for Catholic Education (CEEC)

unite the national umbrella organisations of Catholic schools and offer exchange and networking on an international level.
Specialist conferences and regular newsletters as well as various projects offer interesting insights into the situation of Catholic schools in other countries.

News collection for interested members of Catholic schools in Switzerland:

2020.07 Le rapport “Comment l’école catholique en Europe fait-elle face à la crise COVID-19“. La première partie présente les résultats de l’enquête en ligne, tandis que la seconde partie est un résumé des interventions faites lors de nos deux sessions de zoom du mois de juin.

The report “How is the Catholic school in Europe dealing with the COVID-19 crisis?”. The first part shows the results of the online survey, while the second part is a summary of the contributions done during our two zoom sessions in June.

2020.05 Bulletin d’information no 7 (fr)  –  Newsletter no 7 (en)
2020.01 Bulletin d’information – Newsletter no 6 (fr/en)
2019 Bulletin d’information – Newsletter no 5 (fr/en)
2018 Bulletin d’information – Newsletter no 4 (fr/en)
2017 Bulletin d’information – Newsletter no 3 (fr/en)


2020.08 Book “Global Educative Pact”  –  Livre “Pacte Éducatif Global”  –  Libro “Pacto Educativo Global”:  The most important issue is to find ourselves, dialogue and keep going together in order to appear a better education for everyone and with everyone.
(editorial articles in spanish, contributions from all over the world in original language)
2020.07 Educatio Si Bulletin, n5: Catholic Schools in the french speaking world
2020.04 Educatio Si Bulletin, n4: Global Catholic Education Report 2020 and Covid-19 crisis
2020 Covid-19 and Catholic Schools (“Journal of Catholic Education”, special issue)
2020.01 Educatio Si Bulletin, n3: Catholic Schools in the spanish speaking world
2019.10 Fondazione Gravissimum Educationis, Foundation Newsletter
2019 Educatio Si Bulletin, n2: Education and sustainable development
2019 Education Si Bulletin, n1: Highlights and reflections on OIEC World Congress

EDK’s overwiev of school holidays in the different cantons: